Roofing Inspection Checklist

Roofing Inspection - TacomaInspecting your roof periodically throughout the year can save you in expensive repairs; simply catching a small problem before it becomes a big one. performing a roofing inspection at least twice a year and after each major storm can be the little effort that keeps your safe and strong for years to come.

Finding out now can save time, money, and hassle. Winter is a serious threat to your roof, and actual damage is only part of the story. That’s why spring inspection and maintenance is so important. These tips can help you find and repair any existing damage and prevent small problems from becoming costly issues in the future.

Start with our roofing inspection checklist

We recommend hiring a professional, but if you prefer to do it yourself, be aware of the potential risks. The height and pitch of the roof can impose dangers for those not used to it. Add to that algae, loose shingles or debris can cave you slipping off your roof; and fast. Use the appropriate harness and rope for steep pitched roofs. At the very least, invest in a sturdy ladder that is the proper length for the height of your roof.

Items to look for on the outside include:

  • Look for shingles that might be missing, damaged, buckled, curling up or blistering
  • Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing.
  • Look around the vent pipe flashing
  • If you have a skylight, look for any signs of leakage, stress cracks in the plastic and and discoloration in the UV coating.
  • Chimney cracks, flashing and chimney caps
  • Look for mold on areas where the roof changes pitch – if you spot it, it should be removed immediately and completely. Masses of moss and lichen can signal that the roof is decaying from underneath.
  • Any soft spots or noises made when walking across the roof.
  • Look at the Gable End Vents, do the look damages (Racoons love to use this as access to get inside)
  • Are the Facia boards well attached, dry-rotted or cracking
  • For multi pitched roofs, does the valley look in good condition.
  • Soffit (eaves) vents look sound and intact
  • Facia covers and caps are intact
  • Ridge flashing or cap is undamaged and unobstructed

Items to look for on the inside (attic) include:

  • Discoloring of the wood
  • Foul smells (this can come from mold/rot or from critters like birds, rats or racoons)
  • Sagging of the rafters, decking
  • Ridge flashing or cap is undamaged and unobstructed
  • Nail plates all appear secure (It would take a significant shift to see these out of place. If you see these pulled away or “sprung” there may be a larger structural issue.

Gutters - Roofing inspection | TacomaGet on those gutters!

During your roofing inspection, spring is a great time to inspect, clean and if necessary; repair your gutters. This can be difficult and dangerous work, but it is vital. After all, gutters are your roof’s first line of defense against water damage as they help keep water away from your home’s foundation. Make sure water flows through the gutter system easily and that the gutters are firmly attached to the roofline. Check for rust and damage that may require repair or replacement.

Clear the area!

You can head off future damage by doing some general cleaning and clearing during your roofing inspection. Ensuring that tree limbs do not touch your roof can prevent shingle damage. In addition to protecting your gutters, removing debris, such as leaves that can trap moisture, reduces weight, and keeps mildew from forming. While you’re at it, trim overgrown vegetation or debris that may be keeping water from draining away from your house.

Roofing Inspection? Yes, we do that!

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